I'm Hannes.1
I like music and video games among other things. I also like to think a lot. That includes thinking about how either of those is created and why I like them. I also make my own music and, less successfully as of yet, my own games. My main instrument is the harp and my main gaming platform is the pc. I am also probably one of the laziest persons you've ever met.

I have a bachelor's degree in philosophy and musicology from the university of Heidelberg. Yet, I decided to not go on from there, but instead started anew and I study music design in Trossingen now. My focus lies on adaptive and interactive music production and perception. I am also an active speedrunner for various video games.

In this blog I address my arbitrary thoughts on mentioned media. While it's nice, to have them written down here, this makes it a lot easier to share them with the world. The main focus of this blog is video game sound and music as well as game design and the subculture of speedrunning.

This blog's name is a pun, combining a quote, that shows how in modern games the players intellect is often doubted and their passion for just trying things out muted by stupid action commands, such as "press A to jump". The other part includes press Play as the Play button on audio devices, e.g. a cd player, thus combining video games in music, what this blog should be about.

Further me:

Steam Curator

Photograph by Manuel Chillagano.
Press Play to Jump logo designed by Darko Mohedien.

1 Non German speakers often mispronounce my name as Hans. Correct pronunciation: Imagine talking about Han Solo from Star Wars, but you refer to him with his first name and the first letter of his last name: Han S.

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