Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hello, Worlds!

Hello dear readers,

after a long time considering to start this blog, it took me even longer to create this first entry. As the headline suggests, I'm planning to share some of my personal thoughts on video games, music and video game music. I'm not a journalist, not a game designer either. Yet I sometimes feel the need to share some of my personal philosophies about video games with others. And that's, what this blog is for.

I will by no means try, to deliver well founded, researched articles, but I don't want to write the absolute bullshit, so it might be, that some entries are more, some less scientifically informed. I would love to raise some questions to gamers as well as developers who come across this blog. Feel free to comment but please don't flame, k?

About me:
I'm Hannes. At the moment I am a student of philosophy and musicology, but that might change sooner or later. Among other things, I love playing video games. Good games, at least. I am a person who never is content with getting something interesting, but I always want to know why. E.g. I hear an interesting piece of music and I ask myself: "This sounds great, how did the composer achieve this effect?" Then I look for the sheet music to analyse or, if I can't find any, I will try to recreate the effect on the piano until I have found it.

More recently I got interested in design, with speacial emphasis on game design. I am, as statet, not a game designer, but I can't play games anymore and just enjoy them. My critical eyes and ears are always present. Same goes for watching movies or reading novels etc. That doesn't mean, I can't enjoy any media anymore, quite the opposite! I started enjoying these things even more after my analytical enhancement.

I hope to be able to share one or the other interesting thought of mine and if not, I at least have a place to collect them, now!

More to come soon